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I try and have a lot of public photos on my Facebook profile so that if I go missing, with 900 odd pictures, the public has the best possible chance of finding me.

Additionally, if I am charged with a serious crime I think it’s important for the media to have enough material to create an interesting narrative pertaining to my criminal potential.  As an avid reader of serious news, I enjoy a speculative crime story. It’s very impressive what an enthusiastic News Ltd journo can come up with based on a pixelated DP, a status and a home town:

“Hailing from Charnwood of chicken-shop-murder fame and with a steely hazel-eyed grimace, Police will allege Justin Corrigal murdered Tahlayah Greenslade when she refused to let his pet iguana sleep in the couple’s lounge room.  The positive pregnancy test posted on Taylayah’s wall on Tuesday suggests she was attempting to banish the pet to make way for a new member of the family, with a recent status noting “a house full of lizard sh*t ain’t no place for a child”.

Regardless I strongly hope not to be wrongly charged with a serious crime.  It just doesn’t look great when a potential employer’s Google of your name yields 38,000 results of FOUND NOT GUILTY OF CHAINSAW MASSACRE.  Yeah, you got off, but HR probably don’t want to take their chances do they.


Booty Chafing

Butt Chafing, arse rubbing, bottom chafing, adult nappy rash- If your carriage has reached the dimensions that I’ve found mine in recently, you may have experienced it. Red discomfort, which turns to roar aggressive rash, and without sufficient caution, lacerations and chair-riddenness.

I chose to address this issue because while thigh chafe, arm chafe, bra chafe and breast chafe are broadly commentated on these interwebs, that of the injuries suffered when one’s but cheeks create friction is barely touched on. But it is my issue, my peril, the bain of my healthy lifestyle (and as one always seeking excuses, this one works well).

My worst wounds have been occasioned during acts of standing fitness, but I assume those susceptible could fall victim to the booty chafe in any circumstance where the elements of moisture and friction collide in one’s seat region.

In solidarity, and perhaps aide, to any who fall victim to this seemingly rare, yet debilitating condition, I have here collaborated my most successful treatment attempts and their varying levels of success. If there are any suggestions, or sworn solutions, ever so please do share them:

I did try the obvious, do-an-entire-workout-with-my-legs-apart method, but even for an awkward, shameless dame like myself it was too strange (and you can only do so many jump-squats without dying).


I adopted the commando lifestyle after I realised that it was my cotton briefs that were aggressively digging in to my rear-flab as I attempted to cross-train. In the absence of conceding massive weight gain and buying 3-sizes-bigger underwear, I simply skipped the garment.

Assessment- Improvement. but the carriage still chafes. Quitting underwear is ultimately not ideal in any circumstances. I have since bought hyper-sized sports underwear and increased comfort and social acceptability ensued.

Body Glide

Body glide is an anti chafing balm stick designed for serious athletes (like me, cough) and available at Rebel Sport. It can be applied to the affected carriage regions with highly favourable results. Unlike baby or Prantal powder, it creates a long lasting siliconey lubrication that all put prevents friction. HIGHLY recommend


Shower straight after workout. To create a delicious mental picture I think the aerobic induced sweat contains salt which slowly eats away at your carriage creating sores/rashes/lacerations. Washing the sweat away immediately helps this.

Lose Weight

I hate that this has been the most effective remedy of all, despite it’s somewhat obviousness. The advice ‘lose weight’ is not given justice in it’s two tiny words. It can be and enormous and lengthy physical and emotional challenge and ultimately there are likely months or more of continued booty chafing on the path to losing weight anyway, and many report booty chafing regardless of physical size. But perhaps for those chafe-victims who are looking to lose weight, this relief could be another incentive to do so.

that is all I have to say on this topic right now.