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I try and have a lot of public photos on my Facebook profile so that if I go missing, with 900 odd pictures, the public has the best possible chance of finding me.

Additionally, if I am charged with a serious crime I think it’s important for the media to have enough material to create an interesting narrative pertaining to my criminal potential.  As an avid reader of serious news, I enjoy a speculative crime story. It’s very impressive what an enthusiastic News Ltd journo can come up with based on a pixelated DP, a status and a home town:

“Hailing from Charnwood of chicken-shop-murder fame and with a steely hazel-eyed grimace, Police will allege Justin Corrigal murdered Tahlayah Greenslade when she refused to let his pet iguana sleep in the couple’s lounge room.  The positive pregnancy test posted on Taylayah’s wall on Tuesday suggests she was attempting to banish the pet to make way for a new member of the family, with a recent status noting “a house full of lizard sh*t ain’t no place for a child”.

Regardless I strongly hope not to be wrongly charged with a serious crime.  It just doesn’t look great when a potential employer’s Google of your name yields 38,000 results of FOUND NOT GUILTY OF CHAINSAW MASSACRE.  Yeah, you got off, but HR probably don’t want to take their chances do they.